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Compliance Alert: COVID-19 Return to Work Training

Did you know?

OSHA has issued guidance advising employers to "educate and train workers" on COVID-19 safe work practices.

In addition, 14 states have mandated COVID-19 workplace safety training for employees. In fact, several states have issued citations to employers who do not provide fully compliant training.

Clear Law Institute is offering BCCP's network members a 10% discount on COVID-19 Return to Work training. Clear Law Institute's COVID-19 Safe Workplace training is a 30-minute online course for employees returning to the workplace or employees who continued in-person work during COVID-19. Their training is compliant with COVID-19 guidance from OSHA, the CDC, and all 50 states.

You can learn more about the training here. This page also includes a link to an SHRM webinar presented by Clear Law Institute on the various state and federal COVID training requirements.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the training, please reach out to Clear Law at or call them at 571-303-1135. Please be sure to mention BCCP to get the 10% discount.

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